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Up until recently gearheads & rodders looking to dress up their A/C system have been forced to use industrial-looking A/C hose & fittings or stainless steel braided versions that didn't work well.

Well, the folks at Aeroquip have developed an entire line of A/C hoses & fittings using their high standards of quality for the automotive aftermarket & street rod A/C components that look as good as they perform. Aeroquip has extensively field & lab tested their products with R-134a refrigerant to insure impeccable performance. The new hose has passed the test of do's and dont's of under-the-hood styling & performance. Their hose features a stainless steel braided outer cover that gives it a professional & custom look while providing the durability needed in a 500-PSI hose.

Their A/C hose features a nylon tube core inside a braided stainless steel covered hose with an operating temperature range of -40F to +250 F, the A/C hose features a nylon inner tube that provides outstanding R-134a refrigerant performance. It is offered in sizes -6, -8, and -10.

Their fittings are nickel-plated steel reusable fittings that use an O-ring seal between the hose & fitting nipple to increase assembly integrity. Female O-ring pilot terminal ends provide a precise connection with existing A/C components.

The reusable fittings are fully field-serviceable, and are available with refrigerant charge ports. Female O-ring pilot terminal ends ensure precise connections with your existing A/C components. An O-ring seal between the hose & fitting nipple increases fitting & hose assembly integrity.
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