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XRP Special Purpose Hose Ends. XRP Performance Hose Ends are designed with the aviation nipple and cutter design, to prevent blow off and leakage problems that can be encountered by other styles of hose ends when assembled with stainless steel braided hose. To many top race teams, no other style is acceptable. XRP Performance Hose Ends are manufactured from specially heat treated 2024-T851 aluminum per QQA-225/6 and 6061-T651 aluminumper QQA-225/8 as specified for these hose fittings. Manufactured in our own facility and subjected to strict quality controls at various phases of their production, every XRP Performance Hose End is race-ready when it reaches our customers. All hose ends are aluminum unless otherwise noted. All hose ends are JIC 37°. Hose assemblies consisting of two angled non-swivel hose ends must be orientated to the correct angular position during hose assembly. Double swivel hose ends allow for angular orientation after hose assembly.
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