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JDA'S wide variety of lightweight aluminum adapter fittings allow for the connection of hose ends to almost any component. Adapters are offered in standard thread, metric thread and pipe thread to fit most popular oil pumps, fuel pumps, fuel filters plus a variety of other common components. JDA specializes in P.T.F.E. Hose and Fittings to accept pump gas. The traditional rubber gas lines will not with stand the Ethanol and will break down in as short as 12 months causing plugged injectors,carburetors and even leaking through the hose.
Carburetor Adapter Fittings Carburetor Hose Adapters With 1/8" NPT Female Gauge Port
Carburetor Single Feed Adapter Fittings EFI Adapter Fittings
Carburetor Dual Fuel Feeds Fuel Pump and Hard Line Adapters